How Customers Want To Interact With YOU in 2018

Blog – How Customers Want To Interact With YOU in 2018

The internet is quickly approaching its 23rd year of existing as we know it, but how does that effect how we interact with our customers or prospective customers on a daily basis? The typical pathway for customers to communicate with your company via computer is by using e-mail forms or making that dreaded phone call that nobody seems to have time for anymore. These have become the standard for any business that is concerned with generating leads, or providing customer service to existing accounts.

Now, 2018 is quickly approaching, and the way that customers interact with brands are beginning to change drastically. Keep reading to learn how to update your brand for the modern era. Here are some quick suggestions as to how you can update your web presence to meet the needs of today’s consumer:

1) Putting an On-Site Live Chat Option

Having a live chat on your website is a great way to either a) guide a potential customer through the buying process (which could in turn increase your conversion rates substantially), or b) answering support questions from a current customer. Regardless of why the customer is contacting you, it is important that, however you have integrated the chat feature, it does not impose with shopping on the site (if you run an e-commerce site) or it does not interfere with your ability to clearly communicate customer service solutions to them. If these are put in jeopardy by putting a live chat on your site, it is not the right option, but keep reading for more suggestions that may fit your needs!

2) Using Communication Options Other Than Strictly Phone Calls

In today’s day and age, the options for communication with one another are staggering. Beyond just the VOIP Services (Voice Over Internet Protocol) that have come out in the past few years, there are several free alternatives for communication with potential clients. Services such as Slack or WeChat allow a free alternative to speak to potential clients that also will protect their anonymity (if the services you offer would give the customer comfort in knowing that they cannot be traced). With so many options out there it is important to grasp as many of these (to an extent) to use to your advantage as possible. This way you make sure a potential client can get in contact with you.

3) Artificial Intelligence: Not Just For Physical Robots

While we may not be living in the times of “I, Robot” , artificial intelligence is an ever evolving technology. Your company can use this effectively to simplify the process of customer acquisition and customer service. Now, instead of using a receptionist or someone who routes phone calls/messages to appropriate parties, you can have a “Chat Bot” do that work for you. Chat bots can be integrated anywhere from Facebook Messenger to your own personal live chat on your website. Chat bots will answer the conversation immediately, giving your customers peace of mind, and will accurately route the customer to the proper representative.

4) Blogs: They’re Still In Style

Many of you may have given up on putting all of those hours into blogging, but isn’t that just one more way that a customer can communicate with you? While at times the conversation on blog posts can be a bit more laid-back, it is actually a great platform to keep in contact with customers! Not only that, but it can also be a great way to acquire new customers; i.e. a first time visitor who has stumbled upon your post. Not great at writing? That’s okay! There are professional blog writing services out there (as well as right here!) that are able to create meaningful, and informative posts for your customers.

If any of these sound like something you are looking to integrate into your business, or you would like to have a conversation with Dave or one of our Customer Service Specialists regarding a custom plan for your business or personal needs, give us a call at (440) 893-9500. Otherwise feel free to reach out to us on the web with our contact form (below) or our live chat! We look forward to working with you. Otherwise, we hope these quick suggestions help you prepare for the upcoming year!