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David G. Fritz

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    David Fritz, is a successful entrepreneur, inventor, business coach, and a Founder/Owner of
    “Tour Sticks, the #1 Golf Training Aid in the World”.

    As a young, ambitious teenager growing up in Northeast Ohio, with little more than a used push
    mower carried in the trunk of his 1967 used Cadillac, David Fritz self-started what would become a
    very large and successful landscape development corporation. From caring for only a handful of
    his neighbors’ yards, he rapidly expanded his client list to include the estates of many corporate
    giants’ and celebrities while employing multiple crew members.

    After a successful 25-year run, David’s ability to recognize and expand on emerging business
    trends led him to become a developer and owner of a large self-storage corporation.
    With little working capital and lots of ambition, David successfully convinced the owner of an
    undeveloped property to not only let him build a large self storage facility but to fully finance it! After the initial launch was complete and fully rented up, in less time than he had originally agreed to, David fully paid back the property’s owner, later selling the self storage corporation at a substantial profit.

    David’s track record of building successful businesses did not stop with the sale of the storage
    facility. He then became President and CEO of STAR Products Corporation, one of the
    largest manufacturers/distributors of fiberglass driveway markers serving the snow removal
    industry today. When asked how he found himself in the business of selling “driveway
    markers,” David simply answered: “Honestly, the idea came to me in a dream.” With the
    invention of a simple clip-on logo flag for a marker, he had revolutionized the snow management
    industry. Throughout the U.S. & Canada, where once there were unsightly wooden stakes, now
    millions of re-useable, reliable and colored fiberglass markers stand in their
    place promoting thousands of businesses and transforming bottom lines.

    As David diligently worked to expand his own product lines and range of customers, he quickly
    found himself approached by not only his customers, but his competitors, seeking solutions to
    their business challenges or help with their new product ideas. It was at that moment that
    David’s true dream of helping others bring their ‘concept to the consumer’ was realized.

    In 2011, he launched Innovative Sports, LLC to be a place where innovation and invention
    combined to assist others in successfully achieving their dreams of coming up with “the next big
    thing.” Drawing from his decades of experience in the creation and development of his own
    products, as well as years of experience in negotiating with big box store buyers and
    international distributors, many products have been successfully introduced and sold
    in the marketplace to date. With a “soup to nuts” menu of service offerings, including logo
    creation, brand development, product packaging/design, sales and marketing planning as well
    as distribution and fulfillment, Innovative Sports, LLC continues to provide one-stop shopping
    for fellow inventors and emerging business entrepreneurs.

    Throughout David’s business successes, he above all, remains grounded by his firm Christian
    faith and commitment to giving back to others and helping the less fortunate. A frequently
    requested motivational speaker on the lessons both his successes and failures have taught him
    in life and business, David’s encounters often lead him to offer others individual counseling
    sessions to help them get back on the right track or pick up the pieces from life’s challenges.
    Whether providing much needed clothing or supplies to the homeless or sick or donating time or money to organizations that help the military, safety personnel and the at-risk, David
    continues to give back that which he has been graced with in life.

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